Currently In Rotation

  • Peanut Butter N Chocolate (Mint Chocolate Chip x Dosidos by Exotic Genetix) Indica
  • Colonel Crunch (Strawberries & Cream x Scoops by Exotic Genetix) Indica
  • Chocolate Marshmallows (Mint Chocolate Chip x GG4 by Exotic Genetix) Hybrid
  • Bahama Mama (Tropicana Cookies x Black Banana by Solfire Gardens) – (2 phenos) Sativa
  • Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbert x Mint Chocolate Chip by Exotic Genetix) -(3 phenos) Hybrid
  • White Linen (Wedding Cake x Melonade by Lit Farms) Hybrid
  • Mint Mango (Papaya Punch x MacMints by Umami Seeds) –Indica
  • Kush Sorbet (Sunset Sherbert x Triangle Kush by Seed Junky Genetics) -(2 phenos) Indica

New to Flower:

  • Smurfzilla (GG4 x Smurf Berry by North Genetics) – Hybrid

New in Pheno Hunting Room

  • Black Cherry Soda (Unknown Lineage)
  • Marionberry (Unknown Lineage)
  • OBP x DT (14 phenotypes)

New in Veg:

  • Florida Lemons (Florida OG x Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics)
  • Project C4 (by Umami Seeds)
  • Zuchi Crosses (Zkittles x Cantucci (Froyo x Biscotti) )(6 phenos – 5 different crosses by Umami Seeds)

In Genetic Library / Out of Rotation:

  • Lazar 115 (Space Candy x Bitch Slap by Darkhorse Genetics) Hybrid
  • Candied Grapes (Grape Pie x Moonbow by Archive Seed Bank) Indica
  • Sunshine Lime (Lemon & Lime x Sherbet by Archive Seed Bank) Hybrid
  • Watermelon Gelato (Watermelon Zkittles x Gelato by Lit Farms) –Indica
  • Gorilla Girl (GG4 x Girl Scout Cookie by Sweet Seeds) – Hybrid

New Seedlings:

  • Watermelon Soda (by Umami Seeds)
  • Truffles (by Umami Seeds)
  • Pink Berry Biscotti (by Umami Seeds)
  • Toffee (by Umami Seeds)
  • Grape Fizzers (by Umami Seeds)
  • Garlucci (by Umami Seeds)
  • 00KB x OG (by In House Genetics)
  • Tropicanna Haze (by Oni Seed co.)